Caversham and Christchurch Meadow

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Caversham and Christchurch Meadow

Post by Chevin » Tue Feb 12, 2013 2:42 pm

Has anyone fished these sections, thinking ahead for the summer months and pastures new for a few sessions.
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Re: Caversham and Christchurch Meadow

Post by Santiago » Tue Feb 12, 2013 3:00 pm

I use to fish just down from Caversham Lock, at Kennet Mouth, where the Horseshoe bridge goes over the Kennet mouth (it's free). It's an excellent spot! You need to be on the Tesco side of the mouth and fish any of the two swims. The area fishes best at night on corn (summer) or corn/worm cocktail (autumn) and you can expect to catch anything from decent 6-7lb bream, chub to 6lb, eels to 5lb, double figure pike, and even tench. Once on the 16th June some years ago I managed to catch nearly all the main river species there, bar trout, barbel and carp; but these latter species are about in this area and the carp I'm told go up to 40lb. The weir at Caversham is also rumoured to contain catfish!

Day time close in trotting along the shelf will yield good bags of roach, but for best action quivertip 1/3rd of the way out to half way, with a groundbait feeder between 7pm to 2am! The bream there prefer corn to maggot!

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Re: Caversham and Christchurch Meadow

Post by Isis » Tue Feb 12, 2013 4:54 pm

Night is indeed the best time at Kennet mouth. Fished the area for three years when I lived there. Big Fish is right it's still a good mixed fishery.
Had a very interesting night there in the 1980s. An unlit car crept slowly down the bankside road towards me. The driver hadn't noticed me there in the dark. He got out, looked about, then got something very heavy from the boot and hurled it into my swim. As he was a hell of a lot bigger than me I decided to say nothing and keep out of sight. He got back in the car and, still with his lights off, went back down the road. I reported it to the police with a description of the car thinking it might have been something exciting like a small safe or even an ammo box. Met up with the police divers a week later and it was just an electricity pay meter!

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