The Strangest of Days - A Thames Memoir

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Re: The Strangest of Days - A Thames Memoir

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Newtocane wrote: Wed Sep 02, 2020 11:47 pm Thanks for sharing, not sure I'd have still been sitting there to see the diver emerge!
I don't think my legs were capable of movement!

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Re: The Strangest of Days - A Thames Memoir

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Sir, you have a specific way with writing, and your words have prisoned me into your memory of your encounter on the water. I truly can't say that with anybody.

King Arthur is as true to us in the USA as he is to you all in the UK. It's a fact he lived, but the stories are hard to prove. Is there truly a place that was called Camelot? I'd like to believe there was, and is.

As for Excalibur, that sword is as popular here as it it there where you live, I do assure you on this. We Americans have heard the story so many times that the name itself is a name that brings respect and imaginary thoughts of the power it holds. I even thought about having a cane rod made with Excalibur written on it. Us older Americans love the stories of old, whether true or not.

I have heard and read so many reports so very close to yours, so who can say it didn't happen? I won't contest what you saw because I wasn't there. Though it seems water and the sightings of Excalibur go hand in hand in your country.

I hope you did see what you saw, because of the legend of Arthur. But at the same time, if it was I who saw a sword rising from the water next to my float, I'd probably look for someone to witness the sighting with me, or just wee myself and try to make sense of it whether it be true or not.

Being early in the day, so you were not exposed by the sun too long, you must have still been in your senses because the sun and dehydration will play games with human logic. So I personally don't believe you were imagining things. Fog can be tricky at times, but with your description being clear, I have to believe you saw what you say you have seen.

That would be something I think I'd either shut up about or find a way to share so my mind can rest and know I saw what I saw.

Believe me, I write this with experience.
Worry less about who you might offend, and care more about who you might inspire.

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