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Post by Kingfisher2007 » Tue Jan 10, 2017 2:44 am

After reading the haunting sections, I thought I would relate a few things.
1st one when I was a lad. A mate and I used to fish for Chubby on the Thames at Marlow. Walking up the stretch at 1st light.opposite Bisham Abbey. This place is supposed to be haunted by a lady. One morning it was very foggy. As we approached this section hovering above the ground was a large shadow.
Heart skipped a beat. We carried on. Getting closer it appeared. Some sod had put a very large plastic bag over the club sign post !.

2nd occurred on 1st trip to India by the River Cauvery. The tents then we're a thick blanket over a frame. A rickety old bed. I'd sleep inside a mosquito net. I had plenty of wildlife out there. Crocs, and Elephants etc. I used to wonder about big cats.
One night I was woken by something sniffing and shuffling under the bed.
I cautiously reached for my torch, looking under the bed. Low and behold the bloody camp dog was there !

I have experienced strange events. But not when fishing. As I have had major heart surgery and on various tablets, I have been told that side effects can cause nightmares. And I do have weird dreams.

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Re: Happenings

Post by Willsmodger » Sun Jan 15, 2017 10:07 am

Braver than me. I would have got out of there as fast as my fat little legs would take me, passing Usain Bolt on the way!
The human tendency to recognise patterns has a couple of fancy names, pareidolia and apophenia no less, I believe it's an evolutionary holdover, those who thought the shape in the bushes was a sabretooth tiger and got out of there pronto survived.
Those who thought 'nah' and got it wrong..... well it didn't end so well for them.
My doctor loves to say all meds have side effects. There is the option of changing meds sometimes but they come with their own, perhaps different side effects.
There are meds to alleviate side effects, but they come etc.
All the best.

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