Edward Barder 1996 Price List

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Re: Edward Barder 1996 Price List

Post by Nobby » Thu May 29, 2014 9:46 am

So twice the price and twice the waiting list of others...........are they really that much better?

I guess you have to own one to know.

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Re: Edward Barder 1996 Price List

Post by Beresford » Thu May 29, 2014 9:53 am

I have what must be one of his first listings that has the coarse rods at £290. What makes me mad is my income has fallen in real terms and combined with the price rises what was once reasonably within my grasp has now become totally out of reach for all but the wealthy. In spite of the full order book, that I suspect has well heeled individuals ordering several rods, not many folks can afford to spend £1700 on a fishing rod and I'm certainly not amongst them. :Cry: At the stage I'm at in life I'd be far better off putting £1,700 in my pension in the hope that I'll be able to: a) retire and b) be able to afford to go fishing when I do! :Beg:

What I really need is for Edward's order book to remain full, then for some kind soul to purchase the rod, store it correctly and then sell at less than half-price because it's never been used! :Hahaha:

However, as lovely as Barder rods are I remain happy in the knowledge that a perfectly good split cane rod can be bought for a lot less money.
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