Upper Welland near Harringworth

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Upper Welland near Harringworth

Post by Rutland Rod » Thu Mar 19, 2020 4:02 pm

In all the virus stuff I thought I’d get out and have a bank walk, the club I’ve just joined is fly only during the trout season and then course fishing up to March 14th, good all rounder stuff. I’d last fished this stretch about 25 years ago and nothing seems to have changed visually apart from Otters doing well...... but so I’m told still some good Chub and Brownies breeding which the catch returns bear out, Image plus a very small stocking of small ish Browns and Grayling. The EA and Wild Trout Trust have done good work. The levels have been up since the autumn and it’s half the width or less than shown in the pic which is looking upstream towards the Harringworth Viaduct.

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