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Hardy "The Wallis Avon"

Post by AshbyCut »

Better late than never !!!

I bought this rod last year ... just at the point where I was required to 'self-isolate' because of the start of the dreadful Corona Virus which has affected us all so much ... and of course I have never been able to 'christen' it ... but hopefully I will be able to in the new season in June, when I am planning to be on the bank again ... so I can share it with you now.

This is my Hardy The "Wallis Avon," a 3 piece rod with a whole cane butt, and split cane centre and tip sections ... 11ft. 2in. in length, with a 19 1/2in handle, and weighing in at a mere 10.45oz. (296gr).

It was wonderfully restored to the condition you see in the photos by Wal ... yet another example of his skills.

Image Image Image Image
Image Image Image
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Re: Hardy "The Wallis Avon"

Post by Gobio Gobio »

I have a Hardy Wallis No 1, same handle length and different guides, I wonder whether they are the same rods?


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Re: Hardy "The Wallis Avon"

Post by Tigernuts »

what a cracker.....Enjoy it ...Love it .....this will cover 90% OF YOUR FISHING ,can get a set in the cane if constantly catching carp over 10 lb on the commercials.......ideal rod floating crust,centre pin and 7LB line ...WOW IT BENDS RIGHT DOWN TO THE BUTT ...I HAVE THE WIZZARD BROUGHT IN 1958...benetts of sheffield ,on the never never just under a Tenner,i think ,2 weeks wages..i have still got it, and it has got a hell of a set .use it for perch and chub now 5lb line ..still got that magic after 62 years , do have to tape the reel on the rod to stop it turning ,or falling of ally reel fittings......

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Re: Hardy "The Wallis Avon"

Post by Jeremy Croxall »

That's a lovely looking rod, another top notch restoration!
It's very light for an 11ft rod, I imagine it will be a delight to use?
Roll on June!!
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Re: Hardy "The Wallis Avon"

Post by Pallenpool »

What a superb piece of cane Sir - may it bend suitably and regularly for you.

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Re: Hardy "The Wallis Avon"

Post by Liphook »

What a beauty :Thumb:

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