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just recieved

Post by Bargee » Thu Mar 23, 2017 11:37 am

Well, just unpacked the new-to-me 9ft Scottie fly rod that I took a punt at. I was hoping for the best and I'm glad to report I'm not unhappy.

The rod is straight and the cane is essentially unmarked. The rings are unworn and the ferrule is tight with matching numbers. Cork is sound and nobody has been nicking flies into the top of the handle (why do they do that?). The whippings are sound but the varnish on them is very faded/yellowed. Transfers are mostly there but the 'Scottie' script is mostly missing. Looks like it's had very light use since 1972! It just needs a light polish and we're away.

I do love Sharpes rods with that dark, satin impregnated cane and the burgundy wraps. Lovely! By the way does anybody know of a good colour match for that thread?

As I mentioned in my recent post in 'other cane rods' forum (sorry - newbie) it wasn't what I was really after but I got it for it's starting price so I'm well chuffed. I shall use it this season as-is (perhaps with a lick of varnish to the whippings) and see how she goes. I shall team it with my 1978 Hardy Viscount to start with. This is not my favourite fly reel so I may look for a decent Youngs Pridex or similar when funds allow.

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Bob Brookes
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Re: just recieved

Post by Bob Brookes » Thu Mar 23, 2017 11:57 am

I have a boxed Pridex 31/2", Medium width which may be suitable. It was bought new for my 18th birthday in 1961 and used half a dozen times only, so is as new. The box, which is rubbed but complete, even has the original packing inside. PM me if you are interested.
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