Restored or not?

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Re: Restored or not?

Post by Reedling » Wed Dec 02, 2015 9:05 am

Some restore for use, some restore to add value to what they consider an asset or investment, I do both, but I always like to use what I restore if I possibly can. As regards the price of tackle, it is only a price, no one has to pay it if it seems too high.. and if they do, then it is their money and good luck to them, and the seller. Me, I get great pleasure scouring the boot and collector fairs looking for a cheapie I can renovate and use. mind you I am a tight git, friends say I am the only person they know who can peel an orange in his pocket.


Re: Restored or not?

Post by Beryl » Sat Dec 05, 2015 7:29 pm

Restoration is probably a sensible option where rods are concerned. I initially used masking tape to secure the various sections of a rod I was going to post. Then it turned out vender and purchaser could meet up. Un-taped the rod and the varnish was removed perfectly. Obviously needed replacing, all that flexing and in all weathers is bound to have a time-limit? Reels I'm more circumspect about.

Currently into Speedias, I like a reasonably tidy faceplate but aren't too bothered about the backplate that I'm happy to lay on the ground. A vicious take will give it extra gravel rash. If you want to tart up the backplate it's easy to restore.

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Re: Restored or not?

Post by Chris Bettis » Sun Dec 06, 2015 12:13 am

My Speedia has the crinkle paint. lost some here and there as can be expected after the long life it has lived but to think about repainting? what on earth for? It is kept clean (ish) lubricated and protected in a padded bag when in transit. It works as well not as it has always done and that will not be improved by a paint job. Rods of course must be looked after as well but that is all unless you want them for display and that can be a waste of a good rod and something I do not consider, the best place to display a rod is on the bank.

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