Trudex 5-1/2"

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Trudex 5-1/2"

Post by Rod »

Reel Specifications for Trudex 5-½”.
Reel Type: centrepin
Reel Size: 5-1/2" {140mm}
Reel Weight: 419.6g {14.8oz}
Bearings Type: None.
Drum dia: 4-5/8" {111mm}.
Drum Circumference: 14.52" {348.71mm}.
Drum Depth: 3/8th's" {10mm}.
Spool Width: 1/2" {13mm}.
Spool Weight: 204.7g {7.22oz}.
Type/Length of Foot: 2-1/2" {63mm}.
Handles Fitted: yes.
Handle Distance: 2-7/8” {73mm}.
Line-guard: Yes.
Ratchet Type: rear lever operated
Drag: Yes.
Special Features: N/A
Colour/Finish: Black enamel, silver Foot
Stamp/Logo: Circular riveted badge, marked “Trudex”



Before you lot jump on me, I haven't got round to cleaning the crappy grease off this one yet :surrender:
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Re: Trudex 5-1/2"

Post by Trainset »

I Have got the same lager Trudex that needs a full service and clean, the phots seem to have vanished from this but i assume it shows the reel stripped ready for cleaning up. Its not spinning very freely at the moment and I have a few parts on order for repair.
Can you offer any advice on how best to clean everything? Would WD40 do the job then a re grease for the cogs and oil for the pin etc?
Also what paint would be used to touch up or re do the reel? Would any black metal paint be ok or is there a specific paint for the reel?
Any advice appreciated as I've not done this before!
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