150 year old eel slips off its mortal coil

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Re: 150 year old eel slips off its mortal coil

Post by Aquaerial » Mon Aug 11, 2014 2:23 pm

Michael wrote:
Aquaerial wrote:True or not it is good PR for these wonderful and fascinating creatures. I do a few overnighters every year angling for the fish eating broad heads where I know they exist. By using a long shank hook and vigilance I avoid deep hooking them though sadly so many are caught inadvertently very often deep hooked. A bit like Pike they are vulnerable to poor handling once caught.
The sad thing is Aquaerial, a lot of folk still await the second run, which causes problems and there are rigs that prevent such happening, my late Father used such and demonstrated its use to me, long before it became common practice amongst those in the know ....
Agreed, fishing baits up in the water a foot or so off the deck helps stop inconclusive bite indications. I recall seeing a table somewhere about when to leave a bite for a second run...its irresponsible and more about catching eels for the pot than about angling. The problem is such literature remains in circulation and as there is little written about eel angling it tends to all get consumed regardless of contemporary thinking.
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