The famous lift method - Size of float and shot

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Re: The famous lift method - Size of float and shot

Post by Firebird » Sat Apr 28, 2018 10:57 pm

The float does no lifting, it is the differential pressure from the water that does that. Same thing with a helium balloon in air. Think of a child holding a balloon. You lift the child, the balloon rises with the child. The balloon does not lift the child, you do. Easy to test that one by expt. If you find the child weighs nothing you have just discovered how to make energy.

Actually this isn't a perfect analogy because there is no boundary layer (the water surface) as such. To be exact, a fish will feel the weight of the shot in proportion to the reduction in water displacement - the amount the float that comes out of the water. So, assuming the shot is just enough to set the float, the fish will feel a little bit of weight as it lifts the shot, then the whole lot when the float is flat (I think Santiago made this point above).

It's the same with a small telltale shot. The fish feels the weight as the float rises by the commensurate amount. This is how I usually fish in stillwater. I don't really see the point of lumping all your shot close to the hook.

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