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Post by Mr B » Fri Jun 29, 2012 9:51 pm

Thats the one! Yes, must have, I was there most week ends and some times an evening as well. Yes, the Tench lake, what a nice little lake, and the Rud lake did have loads of big perch in it. There was also another biggish lake over the back that had some nice Bream. I had my "swing tip" training in that lake.

Not for my dad though, no new fangled ideas, always a dough bobbin, forked rod rests and center pin reel. (I thought I would ad that bit because I was turning from the subject of Traditional Fishing Techniques) I use a smiler bite detector now when we (My sons) fish for eels, sorry use to fish for eels, none left! I wine cork with a bent ladies hair grip pushed in the end, A cork bobbin.

Yes, Happy Days.


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