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Just joined the Traditional Fisherman's Forum, why not pop into this forum and introduce yourself.
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Andy Thomas
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New member - New Forest

Post by Andy Thomas » Mon Sep 25, 2017 6:50 pm

Hello all.

I've just signed up to the forum and I hope to be able to join in with some of the debates from time to time. I'm a passionate all-rounder and have been for over half a century. I have very traditional angling values and I still use some very traditional tackle, especially my old reels but often attached to rods made of unmentionable materials (ah hem!).

My fishing activity is driven by the seasons and I tend to fish for species when I think I'm in with the best chance of a special fish or two and when the fish themselves are likely to be in tip top order. I can't bring myself to fish for coarse fish between mid March and mid June, even if it is perfectly legal on still waters. I specialize in "high quality blanks", that is successive sessions without catching anything, not expensive rods. I'm currently a member of five clubs (too many really) and fish all over the country but I'm spoiled for choice where I now live. I'm incredibly lucky that my job takes me to some fantastic waters and now that I'm near the end of my working life I'm revving up to do a lot more fishing.

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Rainbow Trout
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Re: New member - New Forest

Post by Harry » Mon Sep 25, 2017 6:55 pm

Welcome to the forum Andy :Hat:
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Re: New member - New Forest

Post by AshbyCut » Mon Sep 25, 2017 7:01 pm

A hearty welcome, Sir.
"Beside the water I discovered (or maybe rediscovered) the quiet. The sort of quiet that allows one to be woven into the tapestry of nature instead of merely standing next to it." Estaban.

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Re: New member - New Forest

Post by Tonytoned » Mon Sep 25, 2017 7:17 pm

Hello there Andy. Welcome.


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Arctic Char
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Re: New member - New Forest

Post by Keston » Mon Sep 25, 2017 7:23 pm

:Chuckle: "High quality blanks " :Chuckle:

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Paul D
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Re: New member - New Forest

Post by Paul D » Mon Sep 25, 2017 7:24 pm

A lovely intro, welcome aboard Andy. :Hat:
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Re: New member - New Forest

Post by Mark » Mon Sep 25, 2017 7:31 pm

Welcome to the forum Andy.
Mark (Administrator)

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Bobby Marlene
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Re: New member - New Forest

Post by Bobby Marlene » Mon Sep 25, 2017 9:18 pm

Welcome. Your post made me laugh, high quality blanks are something enjoy myself, too! Best, Bobby

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Harry H
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Re: New member - New Forest

Post by Harry H » Mon Sep 25, 2017 9:26 pm

Welcome to the forum :Hat:
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Re: New member - New Forest

Post by JW1 » Mon Sep 25, 2017 9:45 pm

Welcome to the forum.


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