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Richard Jackson
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Re: Introduction

Post by Richard Jackson » Wed Sep 12, 2018 12:15 am

Welcome Robert
I spend most of my life fishing the Rest i just waste

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Re: Introduction

Post by Wallys-Cast » Wed Sep 12, 2018 7:33 am

Welcome aboard Robert.


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Re: Introduction

Post by Barbelseeker » Wed Sep 12, 2018 8:56 am


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Re: Introduction

Post by Iasgair » Wed Sep 12, 2018 8:15 pm

Welcome to the TFF Robert.
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Re: Introduction

Post by AllRounder » Wed Sep 12, 2018 9:38 pm

Welcome to the forum Robert I’m sure you’ll have fun here!

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Robert P
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Re: Introduction

Post by Robert P » Tue Sep 18, 2018 9:39 pm

Robert P wrote:
Mon Sep 10, 2018 8:49 pm
seem to have come to own a couple of Mitchel 300s (not sure how to explain that to the other half)
Somehow, the acquisitions have included another 300, an Abu 40, an Allcocks glass float rod and a really interesting NOS blank which I'm fairly sure is a East Anglian "Ken Smith Match Ledger".

So this evening was spent cleaning, shimming and rebuilding the Mitchells, and scoping out suitable guides for the blank. Gear lust has always been a problem :Hahaha:

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Arctic Char
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Re: Introduction

Post by Liphook » Wed Sep 19, 2018 4:15 am

Welcome to the shoal of recent 'sticklebacks' that have populated this forum! I've been spending hours looking through old topics. There are several mountains of great info, fantastic history and truly amazing projects to drool over

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