Gildex test run.

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Jeff Smith
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Gildex test run.

Post by Jeff Smith » Tue Aug 25, 2015 10:03 pm

I recently stripped and serviced a Gildex No.1 for my mate DWW on here and today could not resist taking it along with me fishing to give it a few test casts before I hand it back to him.
Bearing in mind these little reels are over 50 years old and have a direct drive (no free spool) I was amazed how well it cast , and how easy it was to use. A six inch shad lure with a 1/4oz lead head was sent a very respectable distance with not the slightest hint of a bird's nest and a 2oz lead almost made it to the next county.
In practical fishing terms I found its performance not that far behind to a 'modern' Ambassadeur and it would make an excellent pike tool both for lures and bait.
My only criticism, which actually applies to virtually all multipliers-why on earth did they only make 'em right hand wind back then?
All my regularly used multipliers are left hand wind from tiny bait casters to shark 'winches' so It did feel strangely awkward to keep swapping hands to cast and I even tried to master casting with my left hand which would make more sense of the right hand wind reel.
Guess its just one of those 'odd' things.
Whatever, the Gildex is a bit of a 'gem' and its going to be hard to give it back to its rightful owner. :Cry:
Is there anyone else on here who regularly uses one of these reels or something similar?

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Re: Gildex test run.

Post by Tomeland » Mon Jan 02, 2017 7:49 am

My first multiplier was an Abu 7000 which I bought at the same time as their Atlantic 484 rod. Encouraged by an article in a fishing magazine about the wonders of beachcasting and long distance casting using the new 'pendulum' cast. It was quite natural to cast double-handed then swap the rod to hold it above the reel in the left hand and wind with the right with the handle tucked under the left arm.
Later I got many smaller multipliers for lure fishing for Pike and eventually got a 6' singlehanded baitcasting rod with crank handle from Abu to go with a LHW small mag brake reel of theirs. This was great to cast with and then instantly wind without changing hands, but for a double-handed rod I still prefer the old way.

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Re: Gildex test run.

Post by Tigernuts » Tue Feb 13, 2018 7:29 pm

A reel that has gone out of favour .....Buy one quick eBay 30/40 will lastyou a life time .. 30 lb braid or 15 mono 1/2 a herring / sardine . Casting . Set up ..float/ leger or even Free lining ....put bait on . A drop of 2ft from the top ring .Ajust reel that the bait SLowley takes line This is important .Your ready (..reel is upside down on rod ..yes ) Thumb on are going to Swing from Right to left (two hands on rod if 9 ft plus) remember you are swinging rt .t left you will feel the weight ( the fish) moveing to. The front of the rod ...Just before the rod reaches dead in front of you release you thumb ..KEEP the Rod Up.( do not drop it down towards the water) and watch your bait fly out..thumping the spool as it hits the water.Your not trying to reach the other side a gentle swing the bait ,,thumb it down .. 20 yds cast to begin ,,,most big pike I have caught were nearer 10 yds ..".

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