Match Aerial Reel Vs Mazda

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Match Aerial Reel Vs Mazda

Post by Fredline » Thu Oct 11, 2018 5:27 pm

I have an unused boxed Match Aerial C340 that someone dropped onto the table a couple of “Redditch” ago. It left a mark on the rim, they were very apologetic but to quote Tony Soprano “Whaddya gonna do?” I showed it to Garry Mills and he was reluctant to do anything because of the cost to bring it up to its original spec for such a small blemish. So I did it myself and it was then that I discovered the perfect paint match for the 1960 Aerial Match————— Mazda 16W Black Pearl Touch up paint, my son has a Mazda. I have shown it on another C340 just to prove how good the colour match is. It is almost self amalgamating and a quick knock back with 0000 grade wire wool produces the finish.The reel shown has only had one coat and a few would achieve a far better result. So if you need to refurb a repair for a C340, Black Pearl is for you.ImageImageImageImage
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Re: Match Aerial Reel Vs Mazda

Post by Pallenpool » Thu Oct 11, 2018 6:34 pm

That is a very good match Sir, using your initiative has saved you a fair few pounds to boot - excellent stuff indeed.

I am wondering if I could use said paint on my Rapidex and Trudex work a day pins - we will see.

Thanks for posting

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