Rehab at the Priory

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Rehab at the Priory

Post by Northern_Nomad » Sun Apr 05, 2015 4:17 pm

Well should really have read Refurb of a Priory but it was a good play on words anyway!

Sometimes it seems that the old analogy about busses coming in pairs is quite apt.

It also seems that the art of coincidence is still abroad and flourishing

Last week I was part of the thread started by Trefor (Lovatt) about a Throop rod by Priory of Bournemouth.

Mid last year I was lucky enough to chance upon a Priory rod in a junkshop/auction type place. Unfortunately the item number sticker had come adrift and on enquiring to the bored, totally non customer focussed young lady who’s main interest seemed to lie in the consumption of an extremely large baguette, she seemed unwilling to help in any way shape or form. I had to watch the rod be propped up behind the counter to await someone to find out which lot number it was so it could be cross referenced in the book as to its price.

Over the next week I popped in every day only to be dismayed as it still sat in full view behind the counter with my nemesis eyeing me up with piggy eyes as if to dare me to ask if it had been identified yet. Finally on the second week I spied it had a sticker on it, but it was still behind the desk and not in the main shop area, so possibly not yet ready for sale. At that moment I spotted my adversary in this venture starting to do an annaconda style attack on a huge cream bun, and whilst she was distracted managed to get the attention of another assistant, who in a radical departure from her colleague’s business principles said that yes it was priced up, and yes indeed I could be its new owner. £15 changed hands and I all but ran from the shop.

Here is the rod after a couple of rings replaced and a coat of varnish.


Yesterday the Director of Finance Housing and Discipline informed me that her good self and my daughter were going shopping at one of her favourite towns. Glad to not included, I settled down to enjoy this sudden bout of free time when the phone rang. It was my daughter:

Dad, me and Mum are in an antique shop and there is an old cane rod for sale”

“Hmm that sounds interesting, what does it look like”(Now I must say at this stage that I live in rural Wales and most cane rods tend to be Salmon or Fly rods due to the rivers around here)

Er…three pieces, the bottom bit is round wood and the other two are hexagonal”

“Ah…sounds interesting does it have a reel seating device or a fixed ring at the bottom of a short handle” (still convinced this is a game fishing rod)

“No it has a cork handle but longer than some of the ones I’ve seen and it has a screwy type thingy for the reel which is about two thirds of the way up the handle.”

Ah…it sounds like it could be a course fishing rod then. What are the rings like? Are they just a bit of bent wire or are they proper rings but very close to the rod?”

“No Dad, these rings stand off the rod, the bottom and top ones have got white stuff inside but it looks like a couple in the middle have been replaced but not very well”

“Yes I am quite interested”

Oh hang on a minute, I’ve just taken the rod down and turned it around and it has a makers name on it”

“What does it say”

“Priory Rods of Bournemouth”


“OK See you soon”

Now I knew that Priory made bespoke rods and the patterns could change somewhat. My first Priory was a three piece split cane rod, but I knew they built models of an avocet type build with a whole cane butt and split cane middle and tip. I also know some of these command a good price and are highly sought after, so to say I was excited was a bit of an understatement. I have been hoping to have one of these for a long, long time. The rod duly arrived with my daughter beaming with delight as she guessed I was a bit excited about this find and was pleased to be part of it.

So here she is. A Priory of Bournemouth, three piece, 11 foot whole cane and split cane rod. I haven’t seen another with a winch type reel seat but it appears to be the genuine fitted article and has wear to the cork where the action of screwing up the bottom collar over many years has smoothed it off. It needs the split cane sections re-varnished and some rings replaced plus a bit of soldering to the tip ring. I have gently scraped off some of the varnish on the middle section and the cane underneath is lovely and dark and unblemished. The butt cap is missing but if I can find out if it had the same butt cap as my other Priory I can make a 100% replica on the lathe. In the Priory rod section on the Forum there is a report of a rod like this but the link takes me to an ebay auction but the photo’s are now gone. Does anyone have a copy of these pics?

the new rod

handle comparison

Same butt rings

Same tip rings but the new one is in need of a bit of re-soldering

middle section had two incorrect lined rings poorly re-done

The two logo's

Another interesting point is that I always considered my full split cane version quite a beefy rod, probably built as a barbel rod. Although the newer one looks lighter and slimmer due to its whole cane bottom, the two split cane sections are identical dimensions to the first rod so it’s a lot more pokey than it looks. It is quite a fast taper on both rods

Oh…the price paid you may be wondering.


She haggled it down from a tenner bless her! :Chuckle:
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"We knelt side by side looking at it. I knew it was big, and suddenly it dawned on me it was more than that. It was tremendous!" - Richard Walker

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Re: Rehab at the Priory

Post by AshbyCut » Sun Apr 05, 2015 4:39 pm

That, Sir, is what I believe they refer to as "a right result !!!"

Well done indeed to the Young Lady !!! :Hat:
"Beside the water I discovered (or maybe rediscovered) the quiet. The sort of quiet that allows one to be woven into the tapestry of nature instead of merely standing next to it." Estaban.

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Re: Rehab at the Priory

Post by Mark » Sun Apr 05, 2015 4:41 pm

Very nice indeed.
Mark (Administrator)

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Re: Rehab at the Priory

Post by Barbulus » Sun Apr 05, 2015 4:47 pm

Well done NN. Looks like you also are a very lucky man ! Drinks on you next time we meet I believe !

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Re: Rehab at the Priory

Post by JimmyBobkin » Sun Apr 05, 2015 4:49 pm

:Hahaha: Really entertaining tale.

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Re: Rehab at the Priory

Post by Lovatt » Sun Apr 12, 2015 4:44 pm

Very good, now that's what I call an interesting story, very fortunate for you to have got that for £8.00 a fine addition to your collection. Well done on your daughter, are you going to refurbish it, What solder will you use, will it be silver solder or a new set of rings?.

Thank you for reading my post, everyone's thoughts and comments are most welcome and very helpful, I would move my post to other rods section if I could is it possible? they are certainly a nice color.

Regards Trefor

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