Tench rod.”A Closer Walk With Thee” Any comments?

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Re: Tench rod.”A Closer Walk With Thee” Any comments?

Post by Olly » Sun Jan 06, 2019 1:07 pm

Too true Wal! I was left a rod in my pre-teen days which was used for ledgering in the tidal Thames for roach & bream together with his Ambidex. I still have both but the rod was a greenheart fly rod. Crikey - did it bend with no "guts" - every fish a nightmare to control.

Didn't Hardy make a similar float rod? A mixture of cane & fibreglass?

If I remember correctly some very early hollow fibreglass was very soft (spongy) and bent very easily under pressure - both under finger and thumb and when playing a fish. So the idea of a stiffer butt section was the use of whole/split cane to improve the action. Due to finances as youngsters these were only available from broken cane rods - if someone was to part with them.

Another thread on this Forum with an insert:- ANOTHER ASPINDALE ROD by John Harding.

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