Rugby area on the North oxford

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Rugby area on the North oxford

Post by Mitchell324 » Tue Mar 15, 2016 9:31 pm

A few years ago me and my better half took a boating holiday on the canal heading north from Napton, now don't ever let a holiday get in the way of fishing. So with this in mind while other boat users carried aboard suit cases we had creels and rods. They had food we had ground bait and maggots, with loads of canalside pubs who needed to cook anyway. Now the upshot of using a boat is you get to fish in areas that are miles from public access, just simply pull in and fish. We had good nets of roach skimmers and perch. And finally I relented and let the wife steer the boat, went up front to relax with a beer was just settling down when I noticed we were on a collision course with a line of moored barges. I looked around to see the wife in full panic trying to turn our boat away. We missed all the steel hulled boats and slammed into the only fiberglass one there, lifting it clean out of the canal and onto the tow path. The name of that boat...Barbel...wife's favorite fish...barbel, she just cant leave them alone.
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