Fishing With The Famous - Revisited

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Martin James
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Fishing With The Famous - Revisited

Post by Martin James » Sat Dec 05, 2015 6:19 pm

A Good Christmas Read

With the River over its banks some bridges closed, in fact I just managed to ford the bridge near my home by the skin of my teeth, I wasn’t a happy angler having to leave the river which is a rare occurrence as I can usually find a quiet spot to drown some smelly Lone Angler cheese or sausage sizzle paste but not today, as I pulled into my garage the postman called me over, saying “I’ve got an early Christmas present for you”. After a shower and some warm dry cloths I sat down with a mug of tea then opened the package, finding it was a book, what more could I ask for when the rain is hammering the window panes the tree in my garden are bent at right angles in the wind gusting at 60 odd miles an hour, we’ve been told the wind could reach 70 80 odd mph.

The book is titled Fishing with the Famous Revisited by Bob Buteux published by Little Egret Press limited to just 350 copies, as I flicked through the pages glancing at various pictures my thoughts immediately went back to those far off days, when I was privileged to see some of the great anglers from the 50’s and 60’s who had given us so much with their written words and their catches which have now become part of our angling history, which also inspired many of us. Bob has known and fished at some time with all the great anglers through his life time of angling. Writing about the Warren brothers you realise why Bill and Sonny were the great chub anglers they were, it was sometime in the early 1950’s when I watched Bill fishing the Avon with cheese paste catching several 4lb plus fish. Jack Hilton another name from the past sadly no longer with us, what a great all round big fish angler Jack was, my lasting memory of Jack was of Tom Mintram and Jack enjoying a big plate of chips, sausages, bacon, eggs and beans in my kitchen after a cold winters day chub fishing where we were all successful. On the way home from the river I stopped at a phone box to call my wife saying I was bringing Jack and Tom home for a meal, “What do I cook for them” she said in a panicky voice, I’d always told her if I bring some anglers back giving them chips with a good fry up and they will be happy with that. It’s still true today.

Back to the book Bob Buteux a great angler himself with an impressive record of big fish, has given us a book that will take you back in time, for many of us to our youth of the fifties, throughout the book there are many black and white pictures, I like the one of Bob in 1955 sitting astride his 650ccTriumph, BB is featured who I had the pleasure spending a lot of time with him and his daughter at the Round House originally a toll booth of shooting with a great wildfowler naturalist and anglers, but it’s his writing that he is famous for. In the chapter on the Royalty are pictures of Bob, Bill Quinlan also a picture of Jack Hilton 7lb chub a true monster in those far off days, a 7lb chub is still a monster today. There is a great colour picture of Gerry Berth Jones, Fred J Taylor and Maurice Ingham planting a willow in commemoration of the late B.B and Richard Walker, though I feel it’s the B&W pictures that capture the feeling and excitement of the past. There are a total 36 numbered chapters plus 3 others certainly a great read, it’s a book you can pick up and put down whenever you’re in the mood for some inspiration. Limited Edition Hardback of only 350 Copies £29.95 Further details from


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Re: Fishing With The Famous - Revisited

Post by Mario » Sat Jan 16, 2016 8:21 pm

i bought this book when it first came out its very very good read with some nice old photos in it but its pity that little egret seem to just republish old and not so old books as i would much prefer to buy new material by new authors saying that if you haven't got the first edition its worth getting as it good book

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Re: Fishing With The Famous - Revisited

Post by Olly » Sat Jan 16, 2016 11:08 pm

Plenty of 'modern' books about - many 'ghost' written as many authors don't have the time or inclination or brains to write it themselves!

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