W.A. Allcock Prince

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Eddy Pools
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W.A. Allcock Prince

Post by Eddy Pools » Sat Jan 05, 2019 8:29 pm

I'm posting this thread as it relates to a rod which I can find virtually nothing about on here - there is a couple of threads relating to a W.A. Allcock Princess, and a picture of a W.A. Allcock Prince for sale from a few years back.

I bought the rod a few weeks ago for £15 including delivery - there was no maker's name or information provided just that the owner was given it by his father 55 years ago and he thought it is about 60 years old. However, it looked well made and from what I could see didn't need a great deal of work. Also I've only handled a few of these match style rods with spliced mid and tip sections so it was a good opportunity to learn more.


When it arrived I found that it was actually in fairly good structural condition - the (pinned) ferrules needed reseating, there was a few inches of delamination in the tip, the handle needed cleaning (it had been varnished), a new threaded butt cap (the original button was included), a new set of guides, and a rewhip were also required.

The model is a 13' W.A. Allcock Prince. I think it is mostly made of Spanish reed (but I'm not sure) with a section of split cane spliced into the tip. It weighs approx. 15oz on the kitchen scales. The main difference with the Princess that I can see from pictures on here appears to be that this one has ferrules rather than cane to cane joints on the Spanish reed Princess.


I decided to use whatever thread I had to try to match the original so used Fuji Poly medium green A for all the node and guide whippings which I sealed with Seymo thread sealer. The original intermediates were black which I found a stark contrast with the light green. As a result I used Fishhawk medium green A (darker than Fuji Poly) and varnished it directly which darkened it to the colour I wanted. I added more intermediates to the tip section as it was the first time I've had to fix some delamination


So now it is finished and hopefully I will get the chance to use it over the next 2-3 weeks.


I just love old rods like this - the tip section is beautiful and the whole thing feels just right even if the other two sections have slight sets. I found a description of a 14' version of this rod but have found little else.

If anyone has any more information about these rods I'd be most grateful to hear from you.


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Re: W.A. Allcock Prince

Post by Reedling » Sun Jan 06, 2019 12:03 am

Sorry I cannot help with details of your rod I am afraid but it looks like you have made a lovely job and you must do a write up when you christen it. :Hat:

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Re: W.A. Allcock Prince

Post by Wallys-Cast » Sun Jan 06, 2019 10:54 am

Hi Geoff,
that is a very nice looking rod. That is the only Prince I have seen but I have a few of the Princess rods, some with brass ferrules and some with tapered cane joints. There seems to be a lot of variations about so they may have been made to customers requirements.
I have a two piece Princess which is 11ft long, Spanish reed and cane construction, very light and nicely balanced.


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