Roach Pole or Roach Pole Action Rod? Maker?

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Roach Pole or Roach Pole Action Rod? Maker?

Post by Fredline » Thu Oct 12, 2017 7:48 pm

I picked up this 18', 5 piece very old and very neglected roach pole / rod today. It has the remnants of tar from the original oil cloth bag stuck to the two larger sections. It is unmarked, but complete and amazingly straight considering its condition. It retains the original ferrule caps and has a brass reel seat on the 2nd section. There are offset leg rings on the cane/greenheart spliced top section and the lower 3 sections have evidence of the same rings being on the rod at some time. I would put money on the rings being original. It is the wraps that are intriguing. A continual spiral up the complete length of the larger sections. The question is have any TFF members seen wraps like this before either on a roach pole or a rod and who was the maker? ImageImageImageImageImage
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