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Old Martin James rod.

Post by Mr B » Fri Apr 14, 2017 12:45 pm

I have been looking through my old rods and have just pulled a nice old rod out of its bag. I had forgotten all about this one.
Its a three peace rod. Whole cane but and middle with a split cane top section.
The brass reel fitting is fixed with a little brass pin around about 7 inches from the bottom, the other fitting just slides a little way further up the cork handle. It has a nice brass top and bottom to the handle too.
I am not sure if I should rub the corks down evenly so as to be able to slide the fixings to where i like to my centerpin or leave it in its original possession and use my wooden 4" Young's reel with it set as it is?
Its ten foot long and is made my Martin James. It has another little gold label bellow the name..... Dann's south Lowestoft

Any info would be interesting.

Mr B.

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