An Early Merlin

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An Early Merlin

Post by SeanM » Sun May 07, 2017 4:52 pm

A few weeks ago I bought what looked like a scruffy Mordex Merlin on the auction site. I was a little worried when I opened the parcel as the reel didn't rotate freely. After a bit of fiddling I noticed that the pin was rotating with the drum. Hmm...

What appeared to have happened was that some time in the past someone had lost the domed nut that secures the pin to the back-plate. A replacement had been fitted, but the thread on this one was shallower than the original and it didn't nip up tight. I fitted a washer and hey presto a working reel! It now spins nicely with no wobble.


These early reels have a rim lever to operate the ratchet and this one has a wide drum (1 inch between the flanges). They seem a little better made than the later versions so worth looking out for. The paint on the back of the reel isn't as good as the front so I'm considering finding a near match and giving it a coat or two. It's fine as it is though so I'll put some line on it and give it a go.
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