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Envoy Info

Post by JW1 » Thu May 25, 2017 8:32 pm

I recently picked up another Morritts Envoy, basically to replace the bent handle on another one. The new reel is actually in better condition than the one it was to be a donor for. However there are a couple of differences between them;
The most noticeable is the metallic handle and drag tensioner which look very smart. The other difference is that the spool is also metal and appears identical to the those on the Deluxe. The question is does this make this early or late model or that it has been upgraded at some stage during its life.
Another interesting thing is that the ratchet on the flyer, which appears to be die-cast has been bent over so that it does not engage with the gear wheel, perhaps the previous owner caught so many whoppers that it got on his nerves, I would try and straighten it but I fear it may crack.
A quick strip down and liberal oiling has made it run like new and I think well worth a full tidy up.


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Re: Envoy Info

Post by AshbyCut » Thu May 25, 2017 11:33 pm

I've only ever seen an 'Envoy' with the metal handle and drag tensioner. The white painted one on your other reel looks very like that on the 'Monarch Mk. 2' which I believe is an earlier reel ... so that one you have may be a 'bitsa.'

My 'Envoys' ...


I don't have a leaflet on the 'Envoy,' there seems to be very little information on them about.

Very occasionally, however, 'Spares Kits' for Intrepid reels turn up on a certain internet auction site ... so it's worth keeping an eye out.


A most useful resource on Intrepid Reels (run by a TFF member) is ...

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