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Tonkin Wand
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Re: Who has what catalogue

Post by Tonkin Wand »

Ooooooow! :Thumb: Thanks Nobby. I have just looked and cannot find Harcock ...a bit up market for Edwards; were they not trading with the bottom end of the retail, outlets within toy shops and cycle dealers. Correct me if I am wrong..... I was six at the time of the published price list ! Tony

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Wild Carp
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Re: Who has what catalogue

Post by Nobby »

Ah, must be a different year then, my apologies...my memory isn't what it once was. I did read that they started out by selling tackle 'out the back of a van' as they visited tackle shops. I did find that they ended up in Brixton after leaving Wallington and Carshalton, and later traded as Black Seal.

Looks like it was the 1958 one that was the Harcork 'proof'

Fine print, I nearly missed it:

Jeff Dell Mura put a £50m reward on his book Hooked on Floats for whoever identified the maker of Harcork floats but I didn't have the nerve to claim it as I had only borrowed his book, not purchased one. Nevertheless we've been pals ever since and he has a new book out soon on cast holders.

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Deaf Cat
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Re: Who has what catalogue

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I have MARCO ( Modern Arms Company Ltd ) Fishing Tackle 1978 (Wholesale and Export only)

1978, so glass and early carbon.
Mitchell 200 and 300 series reels; Intrepid
Grice & Young centrepins
Robin Harris floats
Exotic baits: Wheat, Hemp, Tares (Boy, if they only knew!)
And a small range of pole fishing specialities!
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Coral Maestro
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Re: Who has what catalogue

Post by Coral Maestro »

Here is an update to my catalogue list:
Hardy's 62nd edition 1954/55
J.B. Walker fishing tackle 1962, 1970/71
Richard Foreshaw & Co. 1972
Marco Fishing Tackle 1978
Milbro 1973, 1975
Pegley-Davies Ltd 1973

Walkers of Trowell 1997, 1998
The Ultimate Tackle Directory, Danson Angling 1997
Rod Hutchinson / Catchum 86/87, 87/88, 1988
Penge Angling 1997/98
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Re: Who has what catalogue

Post by AshbyCut »

Just arrived this morning ... copies of "Catalogue No. 17" (1937) and "Catalogue Catalogue No. 19" (1939) published by Albert Smith and Co. Ltd. from their Dominion Works, Redditch ... and what a marvellous resource they are.

The 1937 catalogue stretches to 184 pages, 21 pages of which are dedicated to rods of every description from roach to tope !!! 125 different models ... ranging from (in the section entitled "Cycle, Pocket, or Trunk Rods" ... "Number 61. 5 joint. Whole cane, Balance Handle, Length, with long top 10ft, with short top 8ft. Price 19 shillings," to "The Goliath Steel Sea Rod. No. 233. An EXCEEDINGLY POWERFUL STEEL SEA ROD (their bold type) with handsome appearance. Two joints, with long cork grip, winch fitted, rubber button, porcelain rings, partition bag. Length 7ft. weight 16oz. Price 30 shillings each."

I also love the little comments left at the foot of pages as space fillers ... such as "Light weight rods and other rods are made for fishing with, and are not intended for SHOULDER STAFFS, to carry Heavy Baskets or bags."

The final page lists the charges for having fish mounted in "Case with Bent Glass Front, Glass Ends, and Gilt Edging." This was charged entirely by weight regardless of species, for example "1lb ,,, £1 10 0" ... "10lb ... £4 15 0" ... "30LB ... £11 0 0." You could also have "Gold Letters on Front Glass. Price 2d per Letter."

The 1939 catalogue is, sadly, in poor condition, missing it's cover, and some pages ... but is still a remarkable resource.

If anyone has any questions about the contents of these treasures I will, of course, do my best to answer them.
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Tonkin Wand
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Re: Who has what catalogue

Post by Tonkin Wand »

Ogden Smiths c.1939.... not a catalog but a fishing /log/ diary of blank pages .a few entries dated from July 1939 ! Promotional adverts between pages giving a wealth of info as to Og.Sm. stock of rods, reels etc....... generally only brief descriptions!....However a GREAT bench mark for research. :read: ....... All changed after the war, a company with a different direction!!.........Tony

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