New model net making

Traditional landing nets large and small.
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Evert van der Plas
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New model net making

Post by Evert van der Plas »

Hi Gents
after making 15 nets model Gye from Farlows
it is time for a new model a Jack Hilton design net.
I ordered the T piece be course i can,t make the T piece my self at the moment but it will be possible in the future i hope, after all i have the sizes now to make a piece like that :-)
I started with the arms that i made from oak strips and made them 110cm long, to bent a brass strip from 2 mm tick was not easy but managed it the best way i could do and made two buses for the screws that will be soldered on the bent strip.
i have to taper the arms to finish and after that i start making the hard wood spreaderblock with ebonite or tufnol side plates and a pole lock screw 3/8 bsf on the lathe
I have this type net on my list to make for a long time and happy that i finally can make one.
will post updates when i did some more work on it
T piece
Laminated oak arms
Brass strips bent, Bushes made
Brass strips 2mm thick

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Re: New model net making

Post by LuckyLuca »

That looks a terrific start Evert. As always I shall follow avidly!
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Re: New model net making

Post by Barbulus »

Wow ! Another master class in the early stages ....

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Re: New model net making

Post by Duckett »

They look fantastic Evert. Look forward to following your progress.
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Re: New model net making

Post by Wallys-Cast »

Those gye nets look beautiful Evert. I am looking forward to seeing this new project take shape.


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Re: New model net making

Post by Biggun »

I’ve got one of these, beautiful they certainly are.
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