Another Dream Realised .....

Traditional landing nets large and small.
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Re: Another Dream Realised .....

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Barbulus wrote: Sat Jun 20, 2020 8:09 pm Ha Ha ! That is priceless. A heck of a dilemma to consider .... I'm thinking that there might be an "accidental drop off" .... or maybe a call along the bank for assistance and "can you bring a net... I can't find mine" (quietly hiding it in the undergrowth) ....
You could be like those swanky carp type chappies who have a large net and a small net, or in your case; a good net and a bream net. :Wink:

Talking of accidental drop offs; a friend of mine once deliberately unhooked a double figure trout using the end eye of his rod as a disgorger rather than land it and have to pay the £4 / lb surcharge the fishery demanded. He doesn't know how big his biggest ever trout weighed, but his wallet would have been a lot lighter if he did :Hahaha:
Regards, Clive

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Re: Another Dream Realised .....

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I don't normally reply to threads which contain anything made by me or indeed posted by me for fear of being seen to "bump" myself to the top of the page unless specifically asked to do so. In this case however I would like to provide some behind the scenes interest to it (hopefully) :Scared:

The idea for this net was first broached in 2017. Now one of the best things about building items of tackle for people is the sheer joy they get from it. This will inevitably vary from person to person, some just acquiring a new item which is nice , some realising a dream come true. Matthew fitted into this second category, having dreamed to own a Richard Walker style net for many years. You can't just pick up one easily. Vintage ones are closely guarded, noted ones with provenance are hidden away from view. Having one made is the easiest solution. So this was the route he chose. For newer members who may not know, I have been building these nets for a few years, 100% replicas from Richard Walker's drawings, a copy of which I was entrusted with by the generosity of a fellow TFF member. Over time Matthews design brief changed as new waters and mode of transport changed. Luckily as I'm the slowest builder on earth this wasn't a problem. A request for 40' arms was made which although sounds not much, did indeed to turn out to be a major challenge. A further request for pre-formed curved arms made this more so. In making these changes a series of modifications rippled through the build and realising that my previous stickler approach to 100% replicas was now out of the window, a custom build was mooted. To his eternal credit Matthew gave me the go ahead to use as much "licence' as I needed to complete it. In effect I was entrusted to envisage what his preferences were, what he tended to like and enjoy and then deliver it. I had made him a few other tackle items and we had fished together so wasn't entirely deaf or blind to his thoughts, but scary nonetheless to try and encompass this into a dream item.

So a net which was to meet a long held dream, to be accurate to the design . but customised to effect what I hoped was within the new owners definition of desirable. I must admit to be released from the constraints of the 100% replica was fun and after prototype after prototype of flaming patterns, I finally selected one which I thought hit the spot. Livery was to be dark chestnut whipping tipped in gold like his previous 2 piece handle, some tweaks from a B. James commercial net build were incorporated in the hinge piece bolts and arm tips, and of course a one off unique faming pattern, which is as individual as any carps scale pattern.

I posted the finished item off with more than a little trepidation, fully expecting it to come back as unwanted.

Well......he seems to like it so I can breath again :Beg: :Beg:

ps: land the bream and wear the slime as a badge of honour - it's a fishing net :Thumb:
"We knelt side by side looking at it. I knew it was big, and suddenly it dawned on me it was more than that. It was tremendous!" - Richard Walker

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Re: Another Dream Realised .....

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That is a masterpiece Neil :Hat:
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Re: Another Dream Realised .....

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Truly is a masterpiece 😊
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Re: Another Dream Realised .....

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Dare I ask if the builders price for such a beautiful set up is beyond normal folk ? Would love to know if a dream could become a reality .. cheers

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Re: Another Dream Realised .....

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I may have to sweet talk SWMBO into getting Neil to make me one to go with my vintage carp setup... its the one thing that rankles with the carp kit...
Maybe a lifetime's supply of Port and Tiffin as payment...😂😂😂
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Re: Another Dream Realised .....

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I'm currently in Switzerland and still thinking of a suitable response for Northern Nomad. The Banks here do tend to have large vaults with shiny bars of Gold .......

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Re: Another Dream Realised .....

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Almost too good to make wet....................

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Re: Another Dream Realised .....

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Indeed a thing of beauty.

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