Mum's the word

Just built or restored a cane rod or need some advise then let us know in here.
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Mum's the word

Post by Hovis »

Bless her. My dear old Mum has just made me these wonderful rod bags. She knows I like to dabble in rod building and restoration and didn't want them getting damaged after. I think she's done a great job. Heavy duty and well made. These will last longer than me!

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Re: Mum's the word

Post by Barbellina »

Very nice, she should set up a business!
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Re: Mum's the word

Post by Harry H »

Good old mum :Thumb:
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Re: Mum's the word

Post by Lea Dweller »

Well done Mum, a great job! :Ok:
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Re: Mum's the word

Post by Wanderer »

They look very nice, she is obviously good with a sewing machine.

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Re: Mum's the word

Post by Fredline »

I can see orders on the way.
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Re: Mum's the word

Post by Silfield »

They look great, did you have any input on the design front as they have the look of practicality and quality about them.
:Hat: to your mum.

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Re: Mum's the word

Post by Coral Maestro »

Wish I could use a sewing machine like that. Well done!
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Re: Mum's the word

Post by Liphook »

Lovely job Ma Hovis :Thumb: I wish my mum could still sew but these days she can't remember my name :roll:

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Re: Mum's the word

Post by OldRod »

What would she charge for a bag for a 3 pieces 12 ft rod Hovis?
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