Salmon Rod conversion into longish float rod?

Just built or restored a cane rod or need some advise then let us know in here.
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Re: Salmon Rod conversion into longish float rod?

Post by Chavender » Wed Sep 05, 2018 11:56 pm

I've repurposed a salmon rod ,I chose a 18ft salmon rod ,knowing I only wanted the top two sections to build a equivalent rod too a jw avon/quiver twin top rod a heavy float and a quiver tip .so I brought one off ebay ,built my rod its pretty poor as a heavy float but great as a barbel rod it turned out the action /Tc turned out a little more than expected ,great for barbel but a bit much for the chub fishing and a little heavy for my roaming approach to chub .i'm still trying too find the right bit of cane too make a lighter action 11ft rod with .the salmon rods taper and action doesn't really suit a float rod .the tip off a salmon rod will have enough through action for a float rods tip ,the rest too soft .a spinning blank (or part off) would make for a better mid or butt for a float rod .
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Re: Salmon Rod conversion into longish float rod?

Post by TenchBread » Fri Jan 04, 2019 5:40 pm

I have converted two salmon rods to leger/carp rods
This required new rings and some re-working of the handles
I have taken carp to mid doubles some from the margins and found
the shock absorbing properties of these rods very pleasing
I am confident they could deal with larger fish.

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