Gloss finish or Dull?

Just built or restored a cane rod or need some advise then let us know in here.
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Re: Gloss finish or Dull?

Post by Beresford » Sun Dec 23, 2018 10:10 pm

Use a gloss varnish and rub it down. Gary Marshall has done some restoration work for me and he offers full gloss or it rubbed down to a satin or matt finish. I think I'm right in saying that you can buy modern varnishes with a UV screen in them that should reduce or stop the yellowing.

I'm sure Walker wrote about rubbing a rod down to a flat finish. Of course impregnated cane is a nice dark cane with a satin finish. I just like gloss and as it has a smoother surface it repels water better, than a flat finish that is microscopically bumpy.
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