London Buses!

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London Buses!

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Soon after receiving a Pezon et Michel pole for my birthday another identical one turned up on the 'bay in France. It was at a price I couldn't refuse but needs some work:


Section 3 is short so i'll have to source a suitable piece of cane to replace it. Most interestingly, the tip section is partially made of fibreglass. My other P et M pole has 2 tip sections, one entirely of whole cane, the other split cane spliced into whole cane. Otherwise the 2 poles are identical including the whipping colour and style.
Soon after buying the second pole I saw a third Pezon et Michel pole online which seemed to be an older model. Unfortunately, it went for a price that was a bit too rich for me.
All of these poles have the same handle configuration so I guess this was the preferred style in France. It makes them look incomplete and not the most comfortable poles to fish with.
I'd never seen a Pezon et Michel pole before this little flurry over a period of about a month. Talk about London buses!
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