Crikey, it was busy in 1915!

Watched a good traditional fishing DVD lately, why not talk about it in here.
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Re: Crikey, it was busy in 1915!

Post by Jmooney » Sun Jun 05, 2016 11:54 pm

Thanks to me VPN service I could watch here in the colonies. I know all times have their trials and tribulations but that looks to be a really nice day out. One could make a killing if you were in the flat cap or mustache wax business in those days :Hahaha:

A pole, a float, a pipe, some bait to dangle on the end, a bottle of ale, and a box to sit on. Have we really improved on anything in the past 101 years? How much better than that does it get?

Rest in peace chaps, I know you've all moved on to the great swim in the sky but 101 years later and we need to take a lesson from you. You fellows had it figured out....


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