Introducing the Walgeeco Rod Pod

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Re: Introducing the Walgeeco Rod Pod

Post by Duckett »

Both very neat Fred and Mole Patrol!
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Re: Introducing the Walgeeco Rod Pod

Post by Fred »

Mole-Patrol wrote: Sun Nov 15, 2020 7:40 pm That is very nice too. :Hat:

About three years ago I had the idea of converting a Benbo Trekker photographic tripod to use as a rod pod. The banks of the local rivers that I fish are often overgrown with brambles and with undercut banks, other places are on soft ground and trying to place rod rests can be problematic. The Benbo is unlike conventional tripods and are used by landscape and wildlife photographers as you can position a camera 1mm to 1200mm from the ground no matter what the incline is- mountain slopes, steps, no problem. I got a friend to make the necessary adapters on his lathe and he made a good job of it. I can fit a single rod rest fore and aft or attach two buzzer bars.


That looks very Stable.
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Jeremy Croxall
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Re: Introducing the Walgeeco Rod Pod

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Ingenious! Well done Wal, a fantastic piece of kit sir :Hat: posting.php?mode=reply&f=66&t=33581#
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Re: Introducing the Walgeeco Rod Pod

Post by Wallys-Cast »

Just seen a pocket rod pod on ebay. Wychwood make them and they could be used to make one of these efgeeco type very easily.
There are some nice bits and pieces turning up lately, probably coming from China but they do look decent quality.

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