just got sent a link to this....

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Re: just got sent a link to this....

Post by Willsmodger » Mon Dec 03, 2018 1:38 pm

A very nice person has sold me the Holland and Wilkinson Rotoglide for £23, including p+p from a well known auction site.

It had different handles, which I replaced with a spare set I had.

Very nice, Okuma look alike, feels lighter and isn't quite of the same build quality, but is very decent indeed as a back up reel.

One issue is the bearings, my Sheffield runs very smoothly, and the Rotoglide is a bit of a trundler, not bad, just less smooth in comparison.

The ratchet is lighter and actually feels better. I also prefer it aesthetically to the Sheffield, so I will think about a bearing upgrade.

If you see one about, recommended.

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