On-line source of historical information on UK industry & manufacturing

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On-line source of historical information on UK industry & manufacturing

Post by Duckett » Wed Sep 05, 2018 12:31 pm

Dear friends,

I hope this may be of interest. Yesterday evening I was doing a spot of on-line research on a couple of firms: Modern Arms Company (fishing related) and Girling Ltd. (not fishing related). Both resulted in a link to a website that I had not previously come across:


Here I found basic information about Modern Arms Co but a lot of details about Girling Ltd and it's successors. Now, given the number of searches I do on fishing tackle manufacturers, I wondered why I'd not come across Grace's Guide before. A few searches using fishing tackle makers gave me the answer - aside from Modern Arms, I only found the most basic of entries for a few others, including: S. Allcock, Hardy Brothers of Alnwick and Grice & Young (but only because they apparently made parts for the Mosquito during WW2 with the Youngs Spitfire machine gun trigger failing to get a mention!).

The format of the site is Wiki and it claims no copyright over information posted. It is operated by a Registered Charity (which is also a Registered Company as are many charities, including the one I work for) and looks to me to be a really excellent idea.

I draw Grace's Guide to your attention because of the many forum members who have gathered staggering amounts of data on tackle manufacturers and in the hope that some of you might consider copying information you have posted here to that site. It seems to me that TFF site is unique in it's level of research and, whilst I accept that some is the cause of genuine debate (as is much of recorded history), the storing of that information on a site with a wider remit and the backing of a charity, can only help guarantee its preservation for the future.
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Re: On-line source of historical information on UK industry & manufacturing

Post by Nobby » Sat Sep 15, 2018 8:29 am

It was through Grace's Guide that I first discovered that JW Young were already part-owned by Leonard Matchan before the Allcock-JW Young tie up in 1964 that almost ended the British tackle industry. No source is too small to ignore, I was told....

I damned if I can make Grace's search engine work this morning though!

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