Carp in brackish water

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Re: Carp in brackish water

Post by Arjan » Thu Sep 13, 2018 10:21 am

And that's exactly what happened with our carp. The 'original' carp is a slender and muscular fish, well adapted to swimming upstream in rivers. They spawn when the rivers swell in late spring, on inundated meadows. Many generations of breeding the fish in ponds left us with a population of fish not only capable, but even specialised in breeding between aquatic plants.
One of the fun things is that the probably oldest population known in the Netherlands lives in a shallow canal near the sea. The water is slightly brackish and in spring, farmers stop pumping out the water because their crop needs a few months of high ground water levels. At that point, the grasslands next to the canal are inundated and the fish spawn. Nearby populations that were intruduced later (and are your typical domesticated or at best feral carp) live under the same conditions, but no matter what, they won't spawn at that moment.

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Re: Carp in brackish water

Post by Liphook » Fri Sep 14, 2018 1:49 am

Interesting - maybe I should be looking further down my local river. I've seen good carp in the lower reaches but not yet seen them in the tidal zone I often fish for sea trout but then it's a nocturnal affair. The lads who occasionally fish worm for salmon down there have complained about he odd flounder as bycatch

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