The carp of the village pool.

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The carp of the village pool.

Post by Catfish.017 » Sat Sep 22, 2018 11:43 am

This little pool on the edge of an old mining village in the Welsh hills was stocked with a variety of carp around eight years ago. Some have good 'Wildie' credentials and don't visit the bank very often while others are less circumspect. But as with most colonies of carp there comes an occasional 'mad' day when the fish seem to throw caution to the wind and behave totally out of character, bestowing good fortune on the angler whose presence may coincide with one of these episodes. This theme got me reminiscing about the carp of the old park lake I fished during my early angling years. These were as near as damnit true Wildies, stocked from a deep and dangerous pond being filled in after one too many drowning. When I came to fish the park lake in the mid Sixties the carp were firmly established and in accordance with earlier wisdom were considered virtually uncatchable. Indeed captures were extremely rare and even sightings on occasion became less than routine, the fish seeming to disappear for long periods. Then maybe one sunny day the shadowy forms would materialise to treat with utter disdain the floating crusts offered hopefully by even the acknowledged 'experts' at the game. But even so, these carp had that odd trait of letting down their guard maybe once or twice a season and rewarding the patient angler with a glimpse of their perfection. Beautiful fish they were, slate blue backs blending into bronze and then gold down the flanks; long and lean too, just as we like them to be nowadays. I wish I'd spent more time in their pursuit back then!

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Re: The carp of the village pool.

Post by TrentFisher » Wed Nov 14, 2018 9:49 pm

I did enjoy your post.
It brought back memories of a small village I fished with my two pals back in the seventies.It took two bus rides to get there,but the carp .although small were extra special when landed.
I can still remember making the custard powder and flour paste .The top of the quill float visible in the gaps in the lillies .
The best bit when it slid under the surface and the battle that followed.

All the best

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