air injected lobworm

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Re: air injected lobworm

Post by CraigM » Wed Nov 04, 2015 3:16 pm

Have just [yesterday] used what I thought was the last of the lobs I've had since last March. 2 lovely brown trout from the Wey [2lbs & 1lb 10oz on what was my grandfather's rod, a Westley Richards]. No bites on chunks of meat.

I changed the soil, newspaper & tea bags in the bait box every 2 weeks & they'd grown enormous over the 7 months or so & had travelled to the Wye & back. I had become a little bit attached to them as quasi-pets after all that time.

When I emptied out the bait box there was one left & now I think I'll release it.......probably to be eaten by a mole or hedgehog within the hour!

In many ways I'd prefer not to use live baits but they [the lobs] are just so effective, plus my "pet" pike won't eat dead baits [see the pike section] so I get used to throwing in small worms from the compost heap.

Not sure how that contributes to the inject or not debate but I too have started to feel more worm friendly in my dotage so probably wouldn't start.

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