Gravel Pit Tench.

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Re: Gravel Pit Tench.

Post by Rutland Rod » Fri Aug 03, 2018 7:15 pm

A lovely tinca and those shoes look like the type worn in a working kitchen by chefs.....appropriate given Moleys love of tucker !

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Re: Gravel Pit Tench.

Post by Moley » Sun Aug 05, 2018 11:42 am

All the kind words are received and appreciated :Hat:

The shoes are Vans, bought for Fatty by his daughter and worn not as a vain attempt to get down with the kids etc. but entirely for comfort. Being slip-ons they are easy to wear and put may laugh but getting shoes on and off is a real fag when you get old; as for socks don't get the Mole, for it is he, started.

Inventions of the Devil, they really are :Tongue:

Re: lack of photographic skills, what can Fatty mitigation though it should be noted by all you Bathit Dailies (David Baileys) that when Moles started to fish no-one, repeat no-one he knew, took cameras fishing as few had them, or could afford them and even if they did Box Brownies were not great instant picture takers. Anyone who has used one will tell you palaver involved just to get a snap! :surrender:

Obviously wealthy anglers or those illustrating articles had them but not your average semi-legitimate eel splodgers like the Mole. Cameras really only started to be common place, with regard to piscine portraiture, with the onset of mobile phones incorporating picture taking facilities. Occasionally a picture of a really big fish was taken by the average idiot but to be honest that was it. So by the time picture taking of fish became common practice it was perhaps too late for Fatty to learn another skill.....that's the Mole excuse anyway :Confused:

Caught some nice rudd recently......


This was the biggest at just shy of 2lb.

There will be those who claim hybrid but not so as there are no roach or bream in the water concerned, only perch, tench and carp. No stockings of rudd have been made for absolute years as the population is self-sustaining. So it is not entirely unreasonable to assume, as hybrids are not known for their breeding capability, this is an entirely true localised varietal of the species. Obviously Fatty has not DNA'd or killed any fish to perform a thorough check but in most instances neither do most of the self-proclaimed experts who seem to delight in denigrating the catches of others, including yours truly, in pursuit of a purpose known only to themselves.

Some have even questioned, in the past, the scientific evidence of the qualified professional experts in the need go no further here! :hairpull:

Fishing really does take all sorts!

As ever,.........

Say aye tae'a pie!

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Re: Gravel Pit Tench.

Post by Firebird » Sun Aug 05, 2018 5:36 pm

What you need, Moley, is one of them there fancy phones with a DNA testing app. Simply smear the slime all over the screen and it will tell you immediately the species, family history and degree of hybridisation. Download from http::\\

PS Lovely (genuine) rudd

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