Crucians and conditions

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Bob Brookes
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Crucians and conditions

Post by Bob Brookes » Wed May 30, 2018 10:03 am

I am sitting here at home watching the steady rain outside that is set in for the day. Despite the comments from my wife that, 'It'll be good for the garden', I was wondering how this is likely to affect my session tomorrow after crucians. Don't get me wrong I shall be going, come what may. The tackle is primed and ready to be loaded. The bait is in the fridge and the petrol tank is topped to the max for the 150 mile round trip.

My normal comment about some nice steady rain is that it should liven up the fishing, it often does. But what about the crucians? I think that this is will be my 6th trip to Stockton and on most occasions I have caught well and it has been dry and sunny. The only exception was when I was with Loop and the carp were spawning and causing a commotion.

It is looking like being a dry but overcast morning with a possible thundershower in the afternoon by which time I should be on my way home, hopefully with a big smile on my face. So the question I pose to the learned panel is, will the rain today liven up the fishing tomorrow or will the sun loving crucians be put of by the likely drop in water temperature? The subsidiary question is will dull, but warm, weather be better or worse than the blinding sunshine that I have caught in previously?

Thanking you in anticipation, Sirs. :Hat:
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Re: Crucians and conditions

Post by MGs » Wed May 30, 2018 10:08 am

Based on our experience at Stockton last Friday, you should be OK. It tipped down all day. However, it would be interesting to know what the fishing was like on Saturday, after it stopped.
Our club lake always fishes quite well when it is raining but subsequent days can be hard work. I think this may be that the lake sits well down in a steep valley and may experience more run off than some other waters. The water level can rise by something like 6 inches in 24 hours.
I would presume that this is less of an issue at Stockton.
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Re: Crucians and conditions

Post by PershoreHarrier » Wed May 30, 2018 10:48 am

First of all Bob - all the very best for tomorrow at Stockton - unfortunately I will not be there to photograph the 2lber as semi-retirement still requires work to be undertaken. However, I have always found Stockton to fish best for Crucians in the morning irrespective of weather and I have started as early as 5.00am and netted 6 very fine fish by 7.30am especially on mornings where the water has been flat calm with a light mist prior to a warm sunny day. As to rain providing it is relatively light I don't think you would have a problem but I think it is more to do with the temperature of the rain rather than the rain itself. However, I am by no means knowledgeable on such matters just my limited experience allied with my limited ability.

If you are not successful tomorrow with the quest for the 2lber then there may still be an opportunity before the 16th when no doubt attentions will turn to the rivers.

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Arctic Char
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Re: Crucians and conditions

Post by Wagtail » Wed May 30, 2018 9:17 pm

Bob I think the conditions should be good, in fact don't be surprised if you see a Wagtail on the bank :Wink:
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