Winter Crucians?

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Re: Winter Crucians?

Post by JerryC » Fri Dec 20, 2013 5:42 pm

DaceAce wrote:
JerryC wrote:With the weather here still quite mild for the time of year here's a winter crucian of 3lb 10oz - I believe the scale count to be true.
Out of interest, what was the scale count?

As you say we have had some mild weather lately. Today was weird ; at 9am it about 6C air temps but driving into Poole a heavy frost and some black ice in the supermarket car park 3 miles down the road. By this afternoon 12C!
34 along the line DaceAce, it's the largest winter fish I've taken although I did have a warm weather 3.15 from the Summer Pit in 2000 and a similar fish from Marsh Farm in 2005.
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