Wouldn't it be nice...

Made some other form of traditional fishing tackle.

Re: Wouldn't it be nice...

Post by GazTheAngler » Mon Jun 22, 2015 6:50 pm

Fantastic sir!

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Re: Wouldn't it be nice...

Post by TrentFisher » Mon Jun 22, 2015 9:07 pm

I think there is no need for a further comment from me,it's all been said.

The members of this forum could create their own
"craftman's guild"

......with myself excluded ,I will stick to improving my own skills and be inspired by others

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Re: Wouldn't it be nice...

Post by Crucian » Mon Feb 04, 2019 10:58 am

Hello all,
The above net is for sale, please contact Paul F via pm for details.
Paul kindly offered to sell my entire collection for me, as I didn't know where to begin...
I never thought I would have to do this, but needs must.
I am emigrating/retiring to South Africa shortly and need to raise funds.

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Re: Wouldn't it be nice...

Post by Trilob » Tue Feb 05, 2019 10:51 am

stunning net sir!

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Re: Wouldn't it be nice...

Post by SharkBoy » Sun Feb 24, 2019 11:17 am


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