First Tackle Shop You Ever Used...

Do you know of a good traditional fishing tackle shop, past and present.
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T Myatt
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Re: First Tackle Shop You Ever Used...

Post by T Myatt » Sun Mar 11, 2018 9:20 pm

Edgar Thurston and Co. Ltd. was also my first, I lived a couple of hundred yards away in Riverdale Road, East Twickenham. This would have been the early 70's when Dennis Rudd was still alive and who, with Dave Steuart, jointly owned the shop. Dennis died in 1977 and from there on it was owned by Dave alone.

It was a bit of inconvenience when Dave eventually chose to sell it as by then I lived even closer! and the shop unfortunately was never the same, there again where would you rather be on the banks of the Test or behind a shop counter? Incidentally Michael, the name Edgar Thurston was made up so I guess your dad was pulling your leg! I have great memories of the shop and from 1978 until Dave sold it I worked there as Saturday boy. Umm great memories indeed such as Dave and the late Eric de Lacy (Eric was a builder who lived above the shop and also fished) dangling me over Dave's large livebait tank at the rear of the premises until I retracted some clever dick teenage remark I'd made. They got their apology, well it was January. Dave was 89 last week and I'm pleased to say is still dangling. :Chuckle:


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Re: First Tackle Shop You Ever Used...

Post by Old Man River » Mon Mar 12, 2018 12:49 pm

I remember my first foray into a tackle shop, it was Jewsons Guns and Tackle, which was in what is now called Westgate Arcade, Halifax, Yorkshire .
It was run by a chap called Ronnie Wood,a lovely chap, who never once played with the Stones, the Faces or Jeff Beck.
It was there I bought my first set of Bells Life, high rings, a pair of Alloy reel fittings , some bored corks etc, etc to make my first rod from a tank Ariel ,at the age of about 11 , I used the shop regularly until I joined the Army, when I returned it was under new ownership and had moved location, it was never the same without Ronnie running it, he was a gentleman , always smartly dressed with collar , tie and tweed jacket, and neatly clipped moustache.
The shop never smelt of maggots, or indeed anything except a slight aroma of gun oil.It was spotlessly clean, and always a pleasure to enter.

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