Dons of Edmonton

Do you know of a good traditional fishing tackle shop, past and present.
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Re: Dons of Edmonton

Post by Mark » Wed Jul 27, 2016 5:52 pm

I had an email today chaps from a non member, this is what Margaret sent me.

I am not a member or a fishing person. I read the thread 'Don's of Edmonton' and I would add: Donald Neish was my cousin on my mother's side.
He died this year, 2016. For the last year or so he was in a home in Dorking, where his niece was living. He was very happy there, but he had MND (Motor Neurone Disease). He must have been about 80. I didn't know him in person.


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Re: Dons of Edmonton

Post by Lea Dweller » Wed Jul 27, 2016 7:03 pm

Sad news of Don Neish passing on, I had dealings with him over probably twenty years. He taught me to cast a fly reasonably well, was very helpful whenever asked for information. He will be missed by many people that got to know him. I am so pleased that within the last two years I purchased a Mark IV carp rod built on an Oliver's of Knebworth blank, a superb rod with "Richard Walker Mark IV" "Don's Edmonton" handwritten on it, a lovely reminder of a fine man. R.I.P Don
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Re: Dons of Edmonton

Post by Tizer » Wed Jul 27, 2016 7:46 pm

Still got that big box of hooks you gave me Don,RIP.

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Re: Dons of Edmonton

Post by Olly » Wed Jul 27, 2016 9:11 pm

As an Agent for Leisure Sport and RMC Angling selling their permits I met them in the shop many times. A sad loss but what a tackle shop - no space left untouched!

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Re: Dons of Edmonton

Post by Harry H » Wed Jul 27, 2016 9:29 pm

Sad news indeed
I think of the man every time I use his Light Surfcaster it still casts a 4oz lead. :Hat:
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Re: Dons of Edmonton

Post by Jardine » Wed Jul 27, 2016 11:54 pm

Dons of Edmonton was a great place to visit, Don and Peter Grundel were always very helpful, showing you how to tie knots or loading up a spool of nylon. I can remember a big pile of Richard Walkers " No Need To Lie" being cleared out for 75p each. There was also one of the finest cased fish I ever saw, a superb 35lb plus pike in a bow fronted case with gold lettering stating that it had been caught from the Dorset Stour.
I can still picture that fish clearly and wonder where it is now.Anyone out there know?
Best Jardine

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Re: Dons of Edmonton

Post by Whopper » Wed May 31, 2017 12:11 pm

So sad to hear that Don Neish passed away.

Don's of Edmonton for me was a big tackle shop in these days and I came over from germany in 1985 to visit this shop
(and others in outer London) and buying some rods and tackle here & there.

I liked the atmosphere in this shop very much!

To the best of my recollection there was also a dart shop on the other side of Fore St., also belonging to Don's of Edmonton or was it another tackle shop with a dart department? - I can't remember right as it is over 30 years ago...
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Re: Dons of Edmonton

Post by Aquaerial » Wed May 31, 2017 2:36 pm

I feel robbed that I never visited it...and sadder that I never met the legendary man.
The relationship with Olivers was obviously very strong. I bought a job lot of gear from near there several years ago and in it was the most incredible fibreglass pole/rod. It has a cork handle and is about 20ft long when all sections are joined up. Its whipped like a Sowerbutts pole and as all the gear came from clearing out Don's shop I was told it was a prototype crossover from pole to glass rod away from the usual cane which makes sense. The rep gave it to the shop to get trialled. Needless to say it was never used and I'm yet to use it...I only recognised the work and the bag it came in as Olivers as I recall it was unnamed but I have seen another named and used by a match man on the upper Trent.
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Re: Dons of Edmonton

Post by Lea Dweller » Wed May 31, 2017 3:43 pm

I will be bringing my "Dons of Edmonton" Mark IV to the cane and pin match in July, hope to catch while using it!
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