Course rod pdf and data...

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Course rod pdf and data...

Post by Nol78 » Sat Apr 25, 2015 10:51 am

I searched the web for countless hours trying to find course rod tapers, i`m trying to make pdf files for them.
As there is no database specific to them, like hexrod i think this would be helpful to us trying to make them, and to those how wants to compare tapers.

I will make and keep the pdf files updated, and thinking of making a pdf file for every brand.
As i don`t have any course rods myself (sadly) i`m hoping that you all can help and punch in? :Scared:
I seen that a lot of you have a collection any museum would be proud of, i`m not asking you to take the measurements
of all your rods.

I`m thinking that as this forum has close to a 1000 members, that if a 10% of you came up with one rod, we have about 100 tapers.
To keep you all from taking the same rod measurements i will keep a list in this post from the rods already done, with the name of you how measured it.

Thinking about to keep this tread as clean and easy to read as possible it would be best to put the name of the brand and the rod you have given the taper from on here and send the taper to my inbox?

Any thoughts or ideas highly appreciated.


Re: Course rod pdf and data...

Post by Nol78 » Sun Apr 26, 2015 11:38 am

Common guys, share one of the tapers of your favorite rods, this database can`t be a reality without your help.

I know for most of you there is no need for such a thing, but it will help me and i think a few other amateur rodnuilders, or maybe even a few pro builders.

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