Fishing on the Isle of Wight

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Re: Fishing on the Isle of Wight

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Lagoonrich wrote:I realised that I never posted about how I got on with this. Is a year on too late? Maybe. Anyhow, I thought the place I found might be useful for others to know about.

I went to a place called White Oak Fishery ( ... cle&id=186). A nice little farm pond that looks as though it is not fished too much. I caught 10 or so little wild-looking carp on the surface. A fun morning!

Thanks Rich, looks nice. I'm over there a few times a year so might well have a shoofty.

Any pics?
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Re: Fishing on the Isle of Wight

Post by Lagoonrich »

Don't expect too much - as I said, it's just a little pond really.

A couple of little photos below. The rod is a 4 piece travel rod. I also caught one on my (far from traditional) pen fishing rod (, which had previously only seen action catching a small trout from a stream on a stag do. It did snap, though...


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Re: Fishing on the Isle of Wight

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My Grandmother lived on the island for over 30 years.I understand that near Ventnor,according to my Uncle there is a lovely sounding wildie pool on the cliffs..i understand it was between Ventnor and a place called `Black gang chine `spelling.. :oops: ..

I spent many a summer travelling from Cornwall and staying on the island..I have never seen this wildie pool,but this angling relative of mine had many good stories of this place...

cheers Wandle1

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Re: Fishing on the Isle of Wight

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I remember speaking to someone who had enjoyed some good fishing on the Western Yar.

He had not caught many fish, but those he did catch (bream, dace and roach I think) were cracking fish.

I found this site after a quick search - the likelihood is that much of the island's freshwater is excitingly under-explored.

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Re: Fishing on the Isle of Wight

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We used to go to the Isle of Wight a lot. We stayed at Adgestone Caravan Site, where there are a pond and a stretch of the River Yar. There is also Nettlecombe Farm, near Ventnor, with ridiculously easy fishing in three ponds for carp and other fish. Last time we were there I caught 40 carp, mostly 2-3lb, in four hours, all on the top under the rod tip.

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