Craftsmen and their trade

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Peter Wilde
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Re: Craftsmen and their trade

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Just found this and yes, thanks very much for posting such an interesting piece. Surprising that Dawsons employed several people but on the basis that each of them did the complete rod-making job, instead of using specialists on a production line system

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Rainbow Trout
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Re: Craftsmen and their trade

Post by Pallenpool »

Superb, missed first time round, and I’m sure there are others.
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Arctic Char
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Re: Craftsmen and their trade

Post by Crucian »

Just read this for the first time... superb!
Thanks for posting.

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Re: Craftsmen and their trade

Post by Wallys-Cast »

How did I miss this first time. Brilliant, thanks for posting.

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Mr B
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Re: Craftsmen and their trade

Post by Mr B »

Missed that one last time round! What an interesting read.
I was talking ti a chap in Bromley only a couple of months ago... his brother was a rod builder at Dawsons years ago... has a fantastic collection of cane rods but is very elusive when it comes to talking about them.,,
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Re: Craftsmen and their trade

Post by CrayCane »

Very interesting. :Hat: Like others, I don't remember seeing this the first time round.

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