Hemp and tare

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Hemp and tare

Post by Troydog » Thu Aug 03, 2017 8:43 pm

Many anglers wait for the first floods in Autumn in order to target the big roach (up to 2.5lbs) and dace (up to 12oz) in the Wye but good sport can be had much earlier providing you are prepared to try and find the fish first. In August, quite a few barbel anglers put large amounts of pellets and boilies in the river during a three or four day holiday, but when they go home all sorts of fish are possible in these pre-baited swims.
Hemp and tare is a very rewarding way to start exploring these swims. You do not have to wait for very long to find out whether a shoal of target fish are in situ and feeding.
Remember that it is possible to win a match on the Wye with bleak, barbel, bream, chub, dace, perch and roach. You can even win with carp.
Trouble is, the fish just don't read the books......
John Harding

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