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The "Cob" Production Model

Posted: Tue Oct 28, 2014 8:30 pm
by Rod
Image Image Image Image Reel Specifications for the production, Cob Reel.
Reel Type: centrepin.
Reel Size: 4" {101mm}.
Reel Weight: 284.2g {10.02oz}.
Bearings Type: Bearings.
Drum dia: 2.89" {73.5mm}.
Drum Circumference: 9" {231mm}.
Drum Depth: 1/2" {13mm}.
Spool Width: 7/8" {22mm}.
Spool Weight: 115g {4.06oz}.
Type/Length of Foot: 2 3/4" {70mm}.
Handles Fitted: yes {removable}.
Handle Distance: 2½" {63mm}.
Line-guard: no.
Ratchet Type: rear lever operated.
Drag: Yes
Special Features: Normal drag, is fitted around the bearing housing, therefore allowing the removal of the spool, without drag being altered. There is also a lever operated fighting drag.
Colour/Finish: Black anodised
Stamp/Logo: Engraved, “Cob reel” plus number, (62) inlaid in white
D.O.M: 1994
Extra’s: Comes with a full toolkit for maintenance, plus a lapel pin, of the fish logo.

This was a production reel. Designed by Brian Cunnington, and manufactured by Patrick Flynn.

The manufacturer issued the following : -

“The components for the first production batch of 50 reels, have been manufactured and are in the process of final assembly. These 50 reels will be numbered from number 20 onwards, the first 19 numbers are allocated to prototypes and these with reel number 20 are retained by the company.
Of this first batch, reels numbered 22 to 29, are for assessment by journalists and other experienced anglers.”

The following was found by following a link posted on The traditional Fisherman’s Forum, by Ljm183, on the 18th July 2013 :-

“I thought I would show you all an example of a Centrepin Reel, The Cob, made by a retired engineer friend of mine, Patrick Flynn, during the early
1990s. It is made from black anodised barstock aluminium & only 65 were ever made. This is No.65 given to me by Pat.
It was tested by angling times & received an excellent review, however it was never a commercial success. This was primarily due to the development, design & marketing costs (Over £20,000) The reels that have been sold to date have fetched around £300 each. It is unusual in that it is fitted with a finger operated brake lever, (visible in the photos). The internals are machined from Stainless Steel & Bronze & it is fitted with 2 Stainless Bearings which means it runs as smooth as silk. A true thing of beauty. The photos do not do it justice.”

Re: The "Cob" Production Model

Posted: Fri Mar 16, 2018 9:52 pm
by Rod
I will get mine out of the cupboard tomorrow, and see how it's done, then try to explain it on here.
Rod :Hat: